Writing is a great habit. And one I haven’t been able to commit to. However, this year I’m trying to build better habits, so it’s time to pick it up. To start sharing more about my thoughts, work and life. That’s why I am re-starting my personal blog and kicking it off with this post. You can use this against me in the future if I don’t follow through.

My hope is to gain better clarity of my thoughts and sort them in a meaningful way. I’m certain it will help me become a better thinker, artist and person overall. If it also ends up with someone having fun reading my thoughts, or learning more about me or even something from me it will be awesome. And if I end up connecting with others around shared experiences or interests, it will be invaluable.

It’s something I wanted to do for quite some time but never fully committed to. But this changed when I recently subscribed to the private blog of Samantha Mash. (an amazing illustrator). To my surprise, I found myself happier (or at least equally happy) when reading about her as a person and her everyday life than her techniques and artwork. It’s been one of the best choices I’ve made online and so rewarding that it encouraged me to write more myself.

To wrap this up, this post is my commitment to start writing regularly and my reasons why you should write too. If you have any thoughts for me, want to share something or just say hi, feel free to reach out at katerina at undraw .co.